Hannah Porach picture
Hannah Porach
Hope Schmeiser picture
Hope Schmeiser
Jenna Pletcher picture
Jenna Pletcher
Vice President
Emily Wiegand picture
Emily Wiegand
Caroline Kajder picture
Caroline Kajder
Natalie Eusebio picture
Natalie Eusebio
Member Educator
Natalie Brand picture
Natalie Brand
Panhellenic Delegate
Molly Cantor picture
Molly Cantor
Alumnae Relations
Katie Justison picture
Katie Justison
Personnel Chair
Faith Taylor picture
Faith Taylor
Recruitment Chair
Sarah Holley picture
Sarah Holley
Director of Career Development
Caroline Braun picture
Caroline Braun
Director of Campus Activities
Bridget McBride picture
Bridget McBride
Director of Friendship/Social
Madi Cox picture
Madi Cox
Director of Programming
Brittany Fleming picture
Brittany Fleming
Director of Sisterhood
Kayla Boesch picture
Kayla Boesch
Foundation Ambassador
Sydney Purtee picture
Sydney Purtee
Facility Manager
Erin Ransom picture
Erin Ransom
Recruitment Team Member
Heather Bingaman picture
Heather Bingaman
Career/Personal Development Advisor
Shaye Laubert picture
Shaye Laubert
Community Service Advisor
Kaitlyn Huml picture
Kaitlyn Huml
Ritual Advisor
Gretchen Fritsch picture
Gretchen Fritsch
Financial Advisor
Jenna Waldmuller picture
Jenna Waldmuller
Forms and Records Advisor
Lauren Kotmel picture
Lauren Kotmel
Marketing Advisor
Megan Fenton picture
Megan Fenton
Other Advisor
Missy McClain picture
Missy McClain
Other Advisor
Kaitlyn Huml picture
Kaitlyn Huml
New Member Advisor
Lori Ferrara picture
Lori Ferrara
Panhellenic Advisor
Sarah Eaton picture
Sarah Eaton
Personnel Advisor
Lori Ferrara picture
Lori Ferrara
Recruitment Advisor
Kaitlyn Huml picture
Kaitlyn Huml
Sisterhood Advisor
Linda Meixner picture
Linda Meixner
Scholarship Advisor